Katie buck

Kathryn Buck is an interior designer with an extensive business management background, who serves clients primarily in the Washington DC area.  Her approach is a refreshing mix of creativity and prudent project management.  

I believe by indulging wisely, we can achieve something perfectly exquisite.  Whether it is cultivating your most adored possessions or curating new ones, interior design should reflect your individual style, while maximizing design principles for the most impact from your investment.

Since 2009, I have engaged with more than forty clients over the course of four years. These projects have ranged from helping to design new homes, navigate renovations, refurnish entire homes, or single rooms - or to simply provide consulting on color palettes. The results have been thrilling, and have leveraged what has been a part of my make up since childhood - a fait accompli.     

My passion for design has been part of my fabric my entire life.  Growing up as part of an Air Force family, we moved every three years. Each home offered a wonderful opportunity to try new things. My mother and I pored over new floor plans, deciding how to arrange furniture and collectibles. On missions for new furnishings or artwork, we only purchased the most enduring things that made the greatest impact... bringing to life my motto, "Indulge Wisely."

This same passion continued with me during my corporate banking career. Through multiple moves, my design skills were leveraged to decorate new homes and then stage them to maximize selling price. In these homes, I worked with builders to remodel bathrooms, kitchens, and entire homes.

It is my ultimate goal, when engaging with 1225 Designs, to create a space that reflects your unique style, while achieving that vision through rigorous attention to details.

My philosophy is to understand your individual style and needs, and create a design vision using elements tailored just for you.